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The Big Ask

We all want a clean and prosperous New Zealand.

Politicians promise to act on climate change.

Here's how we make sure they do.


The world is embarking on a shift to a low carbon, clean energy future that offers hope for young and future generations. Other countries are taking genuine and ambitious action. Denmark is leading by example with a bold plan to be fossil fuel independent by 2050.

Here in New Zealand, our Government has committed to targets for reducing our carbon pollution, but it currently has no plan for how we will meet them. If this doesn't change, official projections show our carbon pollution will continue to grow to shameful and irresponsible new levels. We'll stay hooked on increasingly risky fossil fuels, and we'll miss out on the huge opportunities available to us through building a clean economy.

The Big Ask is a call to change that, by implementing a new law that will hold our Government to its promises and ensure New Zealand has a credible plan for climate action.

Generation Zero is calling for a Climate Change Act to sign carbon emissions targets into law, and establish an independent Climate Commission to provide expert advice on climate policy and hold the Government accountable. It's a simple but powerful step taken first by the UK, and now by a growing number of countries including Finland and Denmark. We want New Zealand to be next.

Read our report

  • Click here for a copy of our full report, The Big Ask: One Key Step for Real Climate Action.
  • Click here for a brief summary of the report.

The Big Ask follows on from our previous report, A Challenge to Our Leaders: Why New Zealand Needs a Clean Energy Plan, which you can download here.

What can you do right now?

Being a climate voter shows that you stand among the tens of thousands that demand action. It's a powerful way to make sure our leaders plan for our future.

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