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Chip in to fund a people-powered poll to show the support for North Shore Rail

The Minister is gambling he can progress with planning a road only crossing before the case can be made for a rail crossing. We're going to start the debate over a rail crossing by putting public opinion front in centre.

K Road deserves Cycle Lanes

Please work together to develop, fund and implement a plan to install protected cycle lanes along the length of Karangahape Road.

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Take 1 Minute To Submit On The Inner West Cycleways

We have a big opportunity to get a set of local cycleway really moving along!

Make a quick submission on Seapath to connect up to Skypath

Generation Zero and Bike Auckland support the plans for Auckland’s SeaPath, a 3 km shared path connecting Takapuna and the expanding North Shore cycle network, to the widely anticipated SkyPath.

Report: Aucklanders Deserve Better Buses Now

A Better Bus Network for Auckland: the case for urgent attention to the cities bus network out now. A Generation Zero report

This is Important. Email Your Councillor To Tell Them To Support Housing Choice

Auckland urgently needs more housing choices if we are to address our housing affordability crisis. That’s why the Unitary Plan is so important. Tomorrow Councillors are meeting to decide.

Auckland Needs Better Night Buses

Because missing the last bus is never your fault.

Essential Transport Budget

Our Essential Transport Budget proposes that Auckland Council’s upcoming 10 year Transport budget should prioritise only the essential projects we need, saving $220 million a year for the next 10 years.
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The Story of Skypath

Skypath has proved extremely popular, showing that a liveable-low carbon city is something that almost all Aucklanders are passionate about, giving us reason to be optimistic about the future of Auckland.