Current Campaigns

Support the campaign for a Zero Carbon Act

We need a new law to put New Zealand on track to zero carbon by 2050: a Zero Carbon Act. We’re not going to wait around for our politicians to do the right thing any longer; we’re going to draft a bill ourselves with help from experts and collaborators, and work to get all political parties to support it and pass it through Parliament.

Support the Vision for a Truly Accessible Victoria Street

The Christchurch City Council had great plans for Victoria Street. Unfortunately the proposal is at risk of being scrapped due to opposition from business owners who want this key gateway into the city to remain stuck in the dark ages as a thoroughfare for cars. Tell the Council we want a city that welcomes its people, bikes, buses and business!

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Sign this petition to Auckland Council to pass The Unitary Plan

This plan is the rulebook for Auckland Housing, it will decide what sort of houses we can build where in our city. The crucial thing it does is plan for enough homes for everyone who is going to live in Auckland over the next 30 years

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Chip in to fund a people-powered poll to show the support for North Shore Rail

The Minister is gambling he can progress with planning a road only crossing before the case can be made for a rail crossing. We're going to start the debate over a rail crossing by putting public opinion front in centre.

K Road deserves Cycle Lanes

Please work together to develop, fund and implement a plan to install protected cycle lanes along the length of Karangahape Road.

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Choose Clean Buses

Exciting news - electric hybrid buses will be available in New Zealand by the end of this year! Let's make sure the Council takes advantage of this amazing opportunity for clean transport!

Take 1 Minute To Submit On The Inner West Cycleways

We have a big opportunity to get a set of local cycleway really moving along!

Make a quick submission on Seapath to connect up to Skypath

Generation Zero and Bike Auckland support the plans for Auckland’s SeaPath, a 3 km shared path connecting Takapuna and the expanding North Shore cycle network, to the widely anticipated SkyPath.

Report: Aucklanders Deserve Better Buses Now

A Better Bus Network for Auckland: the case for urgent attention to the cities bus network out now. A Generation Zero report