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Nina Atkinson

Nina got involved in Generation Zero in 2011, when they ran an event to cheer up her pessimistic climate change lecturer. Never mind him - they definitely cheered her up! She was inspired to be part of a group that had optimism about the future we could create if we put our minds to it. She has since graduated from Victoria University with a BA in Politics and Environmental Studies, and completed an internship in social enterprise.

She now works for Generation Zero full time as the campaign manager - coordinating the national core team and working with volunteers around the country to fit the cogs of the organisation together and make the campaign happen. Nina grew up and lives in Wellington and in her spare time she enjoys cycling, sailing, reading, baking and sharks.





Sam Dyson

Three years ago Sam travelled and worked throughout Europe and the Middle East, which ignited a passion to be a part of the transition to a happier, healthier and more sustainable world. Sam is now studying at the University of Auckland pursuing a dream to affect big and lasting societal change through the study of economics, geography and philosophy. As a part of this vision, the past two years has involved a high commitment to progress on climate solutions through working with Generation Zero.

Last year in Auckland, Sam was the Field Director over the period of three major campaigns. He gained his knowledge of organising through the experience of the recruitment campaign for Power Shift in 2012, as well as implementing organizing theory developed by the Harvard professor, Marshall Ganz. Over the first half of 2014, he will be participating in an online course with Marshall Ganz to further develop and implement this theoretical knowledge during this year’s field campaign.




Kern Mangan-Walker

Kern is Generation Zero’s fundraising director. He got involved with Generation in late 2012, blown away by the success of Powershift NZ-Pacific, he felt compelled to become involved. A 2011 Graduate in Development Studies, International Relations, and Anthropology from Victoria University of Wellington, he now resides in Auckland. With extensive experience in event management, youth leadership and relationship management, Kern was well suited to the role of fundraising coordinator.

In his role Kern is responsible for ensuring that the movement reaches it’s full funding potential, reaching out to trust and grants, business sponsors and other income sources to ensure that Generation Zero’s financial needs are met successfully. Since becoming involved with youth campaigning at the age of 15, Kern has had experience working with groups as diverse as Invisible Children, Amnesty International, Trade Aid, All Good Bananas, Ronald McDonald House and Oxfam New Zealand. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, surfing, creative writing, reading and going on adventures around New Zealand.



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  • commented 2015-07-24 16:59:09 +1200
    I would like to talk to you about the visual pollution that some of your members pasted to lamp posts in my street in Wellington last night. It’s not ok . You make claims about climate change and pollution, yet run around indiscriminately pasting visual crap in the environment. I agree with what you say. But there have to be better ways to get your message across.