Hamilton School Link

The School Link is likely to be the next project after the Western Rail Trail opens mid-2016.

Good News! Hamilton City Council voted yesterday to include $3 million of dedicated funding for cycling infrastructure in the 10 Year Budget. Not quite the $10 million we asked for, and short of the $14 million Cr. Macpherson suggested as a fair portion of the transport budget. Thanks for all your submissions, we couldn't have done it without you!

Hamilton City Council is proposing a 5.5km separated bike route to enable kids to safely bike to school.

School Link Map

Safer streets and a separated bike route connecting...

  • Hukanui Primary School
  • Bankwood School
  • Fairfield College
  • St Paul’s Collegiate
  • Fairfield Intermediate
  • Fairfield Primary School
  • Insoll Ave School
  • St Joseph’s Catholic School
  • Woodstock School
  • Te Ara Rima School
  • Southwell School
  • Peachgrove Intermediate
  • Hamilton Boys’ High School
  • Marian Catholic School
  • Sacred Heart Girls’ College

...with connections to Wairere Drive and local roads.

Bike Plan Extract

The School Link will get more kids biking safely to school.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced congestion around school Pick Up/Drop Off time
  • Safer roads outside of schools
  • Give parents peace of mind about safety
  • Promote healthy and active kids
  • Save parents time and money
  • Encourage independence as kids grow up
  • Introduce a new generation to biking in a region with many great bike routes
  • Connect more of Hamilton's off road cycle network



The Biking Plan (Click HERE to read!) is the blueprint for the development of biking Hamilton.



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Note: All submissions will be made public in accordance with the submissions process