Unitary Plan Passes

Generation Zero response to the Unitary Plan Passing


Today the Auckland Council governing body finalized the Unitary Plan, the end of a five year process to create a new rulebook for the next 30 years of housing in the city. It will be notified Friday.

Auckland Director Leroy Beckett:

 “The fight for the Unitary plan is over. After 5 years, Auckland has a plan for housing that will allow us to build the amount and diversity of home’s we need. This is worthy of celebration.

The Auckland Council over the past 3 days have voted to adopt the majority of the Independent Hearing Panel's recommendations. This too is worthy of celebration.

Now we have a strong grounding, the hard work begins to build a more compact liveable city. Auckland needs politicians in central and local government to work together with government agencies and private developers to increase supply and ensure we build well designed, quality, affordable homes. This will not be an easy task but one we can, together, rise to.

It is a credit to all Aucklanders and most of the councillors that the plan passed without the sort of divisive behavior we have seen at previous discussions around housing. It is reflective of the how the discussions around housing have matured over the past few months. Aucklanders now agree to be a modern prosperous city we must dramatically increase supply, and the best way to do that is to allow for greater density done well.

Praise must also be given to the members of council who supported this vision of the city over the past 5 years, as well as councillors who showed tremendous growth in their understanding of the issues and passionately supported the unitary plan in its final stages.

This process has shown the need for Aucklanders to pay attention to local government, and elect in October politicians who will vote in the best interests of the future of our city. Generation Zero are going to do everything we can to make clear which candidates will do that. “



Leroy Beckett, Auckland Director, 021 023 75 131


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