Support the Vision for a Truly Accessible Victoria Street


Citizens of Christchurch: WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Earlier this year the Christchurch City Council released a groundbreaking vision for Victoria Street. The proposed plan gave the main gateway into the city back to pedestrians, cyclists and bus patrons. The most visionary aspect of their plan was the aim to reduce congestion and limit the thoroughfare of personal vehicles on Victoria Street by redirecting them onto surrounding streets.

The Council’s proposal focused on a thriving and prosperous future for Victoria Street and attracted a large amount of support through the public submissions process. Despite this, ill-informed1 business owners banded together to express their opposition, insisting Victoria Street remain stuck in the dark ages as a thoroughfare for cars. As a result the Council has revised their proposed plan, which ultimately limits the accessibility of this key route.

Well guess what? This is our city too, so come on Christchurch - let’s get behind our Council and show our support for a truly accessible Victoria Street. We want a city that welcomes its people, bikes, buses and business.

1 Encouraging multi-modal access down Victoria Street will attract more customers to the surrounding businesses. Our submission pointed to case studies from other cities which show that increasing walkability and cycling access leads to businesses doing better long-term.

Let's stand up and be heard, Christchurch - SIGN THE PETITION:

To The Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee (Chair Cr Phil Clearwater, Deputy Chair Cr Pauline Cotter and Committee Members Deputy Mayor Vicki Buck, Cr David East and Cr Tim Scandrett) and the Christchurch City Council:

"I support the initial proposed plans for Victoria Street and call on the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee to recommend that CCC reject the updated proposed plans for Victoria Street."

"I also call on CCC to reject the updated proposed plans for Victoria Street and revise them to incorporate Option 1 (Maximum intervention) as proposed in An Accessible City: Proposed changes to Victoria Street (p6)."

All signatures will be presented by Generation Zero at the upcoming Transport and Environment Committee meeting on 16 September 2016.

1,000 signatures