30 second quick submit for Karangahape Road Cycleways



After years of us fighting for proper protected cycle lanes on Karangahape Road Auckland Transport have put their designs out for public consultation. We are big fans of the approach AT have taken, the designs are tailor made for the needs of the area and the result of years of working with residents and businesses (and us!) to make sure we get the best outcome.

The proposed plans will allow people to safely ride the length of Karangahape Rd for the first time, something we have desperately needed for years. Karangahape Rd needs protected bike lanes more than any other part of our city. They’ll link to the incredibly popular Te Ara I Whiti and Grafton Gully as well as providing safe passage for people biking to Karangahape Rd and the rest of the city.
Unfortunately, as we have seen again and again, not everyone is supporting this vision. A few businesses are fretting about the (very minor) removal of parking and are opposing the plans, and that could lead to shitty plan changes. That’s why we need people who will actually use the bike lanes (like you) to come together and submit in force on this one. Use our Quick Submit tool before Sunday to help outweigh the naysayers.

We also have a few suggestions of our own for ways the design can be tweaked to make the area as good as possible.



1. We want to make sure as many trees that are affected by the upgrade are retained or replanted where possible.




2. We also want to make sure footpath space is preserved for restaurants and bars to use, because that’s such an important part of making the street feel lively and safe.




3. And we don't agree with the retention of carparks if it jeopardises well designed cycleways. We should prioritise space for loading zones.



We are also running a little survey as part of the submission’s. Skeptical of AT’s official findings, some disgruntled people are conducting their own poll to show that the cycle lanes will negatively impact their business. We thought great idea, and who better to speak out on the economic impacts of bike lanes than the people who actually use them, you! You can tick this box to let us know you are someone who rides a bike, or takes the bus, or walks to Karangahape rd and also buys things.



For years Generation Zero has been run from Karangahape rd, we have had three offices there and when we haven’t had offices we meet in St Kevins Arcade, in Cafe’s and Bar’s, or in Myers Park. We feel like we are a part of this community.  We ran the first campaign for separated cycle lanes on Krd in 2013, followed it up with Bike to the Future in 2014, and have had countless meetings and discussions since then pushing for the project. We have had an amazing year as a community making change in Auckland thanks to your submissions on issues like this! From Skypath getting unanimous approval in council and then the courts, the Unitary Plan passing, getting a mayor and council who support a low carbon future elected, the progress we have made in Auckland has been a bright spot in a dark year for the world, let's end it on a high note (and please share with your friends)!