Tāmaki Makaurau faces unique challenges as a large city with a rapidly growing population. The Generation Zero Auckland team focuses on lobbying local government for low emissions transport across our city, advocating for greater urban density and engaging young people in policy decisions. 

Some of our most recent projects include:

  • All Aboard! The race to decarbonise Auckland's transport by 2030 - an ongoing campaign with some of our allies (including Lawyers for Climate Action NZ, Bike Auckland, Greater Auckland, The 1point5 Project and more) pushing for the 40 decision makers in the transport space (over local and central government) to fully decarbonise transport by 2030. Have a look at the open letter we created last year and the ongoing campaign efforts on the all aboard twitter
  • WE DUMPED MILL ROAD. As part of the All Aboard Aotearoa coalition, we filed a judicial review against the Government (AKA sued!) on the grounds that its decision to build and fund Mill Road is unlawful under the Zero Carbon Act and Paris Agreement. This proposed project, initially costed at $1.3 billion (and now 3.5 billion), would increase urban sprawl, use up prime agricultural land and increase car dependency in Tāmaki Makaurau. The government cancelling this project is a huge win for climate action and we see huge potential in its influence on future decision making. 
  • 600 submissions through our quick submit on the Regional Land Transport Plan - The Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) consultation was open until the 2nd May and set out spending on transport for the next 10 years. It did not look good - the Auckland Transport Alignment Project was projected to !increase! emissions by 6%. This is not the plan we need for our current climate emergency. With Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri (Auckland's Climate Plan) passed last year and the recent Climate Change Commission's draft advice we worked hard to make sure decision makers were aware that we could not accept a RLTP that did not align with the Climate Plan's targets. 2030 is such a key date in the climate change space and means that this budget might ultimately decide whether we have the funding to reach our climate goals or not.  Alongside our quick submit the All Aboard coalition also submitted a full response, we presented to the Regional Transport Committee and spoke live on RNZ. We are currently awaiting the resultions from the consultation period - watch this space! 
  • Over 300 last minute submissions through our form on Queen St trials - pushing against a vocal minority that wanted a return to a car-dominant space. See more under Auckland > Campaigns.
  • Submitting on Auckland Transport projects - Auckland Transport run consultations for many of their street upgrades. There's often room for improvement in prioritising safety for all road users. This is concerning because we need active transport (walking, cycling and other active modes) and public transport to be safe and attractive to incentivise people to use it and ultimately reduce emissions. Last year we submitted on over 50 of their local projects! You can see AT's current consultations open here if you're interested in adding your voice. For a number of large projects we will release quick-submit forms to make having your say as easy as possible. 
  • Innovating Streets for People - We have been involved in a number of the Auckland Innovating Streets projects funded under the tactical urbanism grant of the same name set up last year. Installation should be underway in the next months and so we look forward to seeing streets made better for people!

If you’re keen to get involved with our work, we’d love to hear from you! All backgrounds and skillsets are welcome.

Please get in touch with Auckland co-convenors, Nola and Dylan, at [email protected]