Auckland faces unique challenges as a large city with a rapidly growing population. The Generation Zero Auckland team focuses on lobbying local government for low emissions transport across our city, advocating for greater urban density and engaging young people in policy decisions. 

Some of our most recent projects include:

  • Chamberlain Park campaign - advocating for making Chamberlain Park publicly accessible to all with one of our allies, Women in Urbanism.
  • Zero Carbon Act campaign – assisting with the national campaign by running submission parties across Auckland and lobbying our local MPs. Read our press release on the bill’s passing here
  • Freeze the Fares report – advocating for making public transport more affordable and accessible for the public. As a result, under 16s can now travel for free on weekends. 
  • Scorecards for local elections – to help Aucklanders vote for candidates who will take action on climate change. Seven of the elected councillors and 32 of elected local board members in Auckland scored in our A range.
  • Lobbying Auckland Council to declare a Climate Emergency. We are now focused on holding Council to their declaration and revised Climate Action Plan. 

If you’re keen to get involved with our work, we’d love to hear from you! All backgrounds and skillsets are welcome – our mahi relies on more than urban planners and policy nerds.

Please get in touch with Auckland co-convenors, Nola and Bruce, at [email protected]

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