Click Here To Submit On A Plan For A New And Improved Christchurch

The Christchurch District Plan governs the land use in the Christchurch District. It's currently up for review and the Council is taking submissions from the public. This is a really cool opportunity for you to have a say in the future of Christchurch and it's development.

What kind of Christchurch would you like to live in? A thriving city with easy access to the places you work and play? A low carbon city built for people, not cars?


If you share our vision for a new and improved, liveable Christchurch, check out the quick submission below. We've distilled it down to 5 key points, to make it easy for you to have your voice heard. To send this submission to the Council, make sure you:

  1. Add your name and details at the top
  2. Change any wording you want in the submission like adding any personal stories
  3. Press Send

Feel free to edit the template and add personal reasons and stories for initiatives you're passionate about.

So get cracking, share your vision!

Privacy Act 1993 Submissions are public information. Information on this form including your name and contact details will be accessible to the public on the Council’s website and at Council service centres and libraries. The Council is required to make this information available under the provisions of the Canterbury Earthquake (Christchurch Replacement District Plan) Order 2014. Your contact details will only be used by the Council for the purpose of the District Plan Review process (for example to contact you about hearings and decisions on your submission). The information will be held by the Christchurch City Council. You have the right to access the information and request any correction.