Support Dunedin's Urban Cycleways


The Dunedin City Council has opened up the Dunedin Urban Cycleways project for public consultation. Generation Zero has made it nice and simple to give feedback on this consultation. We would like to send a strong positive message for these proposed plans. Links to the DCC's proposed plans (with pictures) can be found here: Main PageSH1 ConnectorsHarbour Link, and Next Steps.

What do we need? We need people to fill out the form to send the DCC a positive message that we want cycleways! Read below to find out why.

Bikes are an essential requirement of a modern and liveable city. As we’ve learnt from around the globe, for bikes to work, there needs to be an accessible, connected and safe network. Let’s make Dunedin a city we can be proud of.

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    As well as the obvious physical and mental health benefits biking provides for the individual, biking also fosters social well being within the city. Making Dunedin a more friendly, socially-connected city through the introduction of bike lanes is an easy way to increase the wellbeing of the city as a whole.

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    The DCC’s proposed cycleways will utilise Dunedin’s unique geographic size and location in order to make Dunedin a more connected and accessible place. Making the transport network accessible for ALL users will increase connectivity within the compact city, and between the outer suburbs. In conjunction with bike racks on buses, the proposed bike lanes will provide quick access to a significant portion of Dunedin; reducing congestion, opening up public spaces, and making the city more accessible for all.

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    Across the globe, research finds increased use of bikes in a city correlates to an increase in local retail expenditure and growth in local economies. The introduction of cycleways will not just have positive benefits for Dunedin’s existing economy but will also encourage economic development of bike-related businesses, new skilled jobs, as well as bike tourism that has rapidly become an expected standard of any great city's tourism offers. Making Dunedin a biking destination and fostering a greater diversity of choice will increase the competitiveness of Dunedin’s economy, providing benefits for all.

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    Dunedin_to_the_future_bike.jpg Dunedin used to be a pioneer in biking culture and infrastructure, but now we have fallen behind the pack. Dunedin is therefore not enjoying the positive benefits of bike lanes in the city; the economy, connectivity, and well-being of the city, suffers in the meantime. It is time to see some real-world results from the DCC’s proposal; progressing and advancing Dunedin’s interests needs to be taken from the drawing board and implemented so Dunedin residents can experience the positive benefits now.

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    We pride ourselves in being a modern city and are working towards making Dunedin a great small city. Bike lanes will improve the quality of services provided; making Dunedin a more enticing city to live, play and work. Biking enhances the character of Dunedin and highlights the future-thinking nature of its residents, enabling us to achieve greatness in our small city.

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