Let's make Franklin Road even more Iconic



Franklin Road deserves better. Tell Auckland Transport to build protected cycle lanes on Franklin Road.



Franklin Road will be undergoing an expensive rebuild to fix broken pavements and to allow work on underground services. Therefore it is a perfect time to add a bike lane to an important route at almost no cost. We know that Franklin Road is a beautiful and iconic Auckland street with significant heritage value. It attracts large crowds over Christmas because of its charming lights, and people come to gander during the day at its wondrous old London Plane trees. We seek to add to its unique identity, by making it one of the safest and diverse Auckland streets with an upgrade to protected cycle lanes and separate walking infrastructure.This will give the street more value as well as protect its natural beauty and keep the people who use it safe. (For more detail, Segway over to Cycle Action Auckland's frank post about Franklin here)


However Auckland Transport are strongly considering dropping protected cycle lanes from the design. We need you to send a clear message to Auckland Transport that cycle lanes on Franklin Road are very important, and that there is space for everyone to get what they need.


Here are 5 key reasons why we need a cycle lane on Franklin Road:


1. It serves as key walking and cycling link to the city centre.


    • Franklin Road is one of the few remaining links from the city fringe to the city centre.
    • "Connecting the City and the Fringe" is a key objective of the City Centre Master Plan. Franklin Road is identified in this plan as a walking and cycling connection.
    • Providing spatially efficient access to the city centre (and Wynyard Quarter) is a major focus for Auckland’s economic development and growth ambitions.
    • Franklin Road is the best link for people from the CBD to Ponsonby, as it allows people riding bikes to have a steady, manageable climb up to the Ponsonby Road ridgeline.


2. It's already well used by people on bikes


  • It already gets 200 cyclists per day, which is high considering the current lack of space for safe cycling and the poor condition of the road surface.


3. Keep children riding to and from school safe



  • Freeman’s Bay School is nearby and have just opened up a cycle track. It makes sense to improve the infrastructure as children will be using the road to get to school.
  • The more children we can get traveling to Freeman’s Bay School by bike will mean less parents dropping their children at school, therefore less cars on the road during peak traffic.
  • More on the Freeman's Bay school story here


4. It’s wide enough



  • The street is very wide which allows plenty of space for people driving, walking, riding bikes and parked cars.
  • Separated Bike Lanes will make the Street better for all users
  • High-quality cycle facilities decrease the occurrence of cycling on the footpath.
  • Motorists feel more comfortable on streets with separated bike facilities. 
  • Research has shown that bike facilities provide safer outcomes for all road users, including drivers and pedestrians   


5. It will hardly cost anything


  • Franklin Road is being rebuilt at a very high cost to fix broken pavements and upgrade underground services, so adding a bike lane is very easy and will cost almost nothing.

Franklin Road needs our help - send an email to Auckland Transport in the yellow box on this page.


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