Generation Zero backs Wellington's Spatial Plan

Generation Zero strongly supports the Spatial Plan – and wants the Council to go further in enabling more intensification and upzoning in Wellington. The Spatial Plan as a crucial opportunity to create a low-carbon city that is vibrant and affordable.

“Our current development pattern of pushing people away from jobs and transport links - forcing them into high-carbon lifestyles - is not sustainable if we want to hit our climate targets,” says Marko from Generation Zero.

“House prices and rents are skyrocketing while many people live cold, draughty and mouldy homes that are the worst quality in the country and some of the worst in the OECD. But people have no choice but to take these houses due to the massive housing shortage in the city.”

In response to those calling for less housing, Marko said that “more people in Wellington is a good thing. It means more economic development, shops, community groups, festivals and events. And when you try to say ‘no’ to population growth what you’re actually saying is ‘no’ to all the skilled workers, amazing musicians and artists, creative and driven students and many other talented and diverse people who want to make Wellington home.

The Draft Spatial Plan aims to set a blueprint for more housing as the city grows. “Enabling more dwellings in Wellington through densification, where people want to live, is the one major thing this council can do to curb high prices and rents. This plan isn’t just about planning for growth, but about meeting the housing shortage that has built up over the past few decades and continues to grow every single day.”

Generation Zero also asked the Council to be sensible on heritage and character protection. “The current system of having all seven inner suburbs ban any new development on heritage grounds is madness. The current plan is already a massive compromise – we think that more housing should be allowed than. A narrow view of heritage that only includes colonial history while people live in garages, inhale black mould and the planet warms is not the way forward.”

“The Spatial Plan is not a silver bullet for our housing woes. But it’s one of the best options we have. A housing crisis isn’t an inevitability. It is solvable and one major part of the solution is passing a strong Spatial Plan.”

Watch Marko’s presentation to Wellington City Council here from 23:10.

Read Generation Zero's submission on the draft Spatial Plan here.

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