Hope is not naive


 Young people have hopes for the future that need to be heard in this election. We need to be able to imagine a thriving world, and to see politicians take this seriously. 

We are in a pivotal time where the next few years will determine the future of our planet and wellbeing of our people. 

We want a future where Aotearoa thrives together.

We want a future where we are liberated from the climate crisis.

We are calling on young people to share our hopes for our climate and communities.

Regardless of the government in power, as a community we have made powerful shifts in how we live together; from introducing Māori wards, to passing the Zero Carbon Act, to banning conversion therapy in Aotearoa. We have shown time and time again that we create a world and a future where we are guided by empathy. 

Talking to our mates, our whānau and those in our life is one of the most powerful ways that we can encourage others to vote for the future of our people and our planet. If each person that visits this site fosters a conversation with a loved one about the future they are voting for, then the power we hold as a community will multiply. 

We are calling on our candidates to honour our hope and prioritise solutions to the climate crisis.

We are living through an election where many of the main parties have not addressed the issues that are affecting young people. We have seen extreme climate events in Aotearoa that have shaken us collectively. We have seen profits continue to rise for the wealthy and corporations, while more of us are unable to afford the basic needs for warm housing and food. And we have seen racial, ableist and transphobic hate find a platform, while we turn up again and again to say no to hate. When we vote we are placing our trust in politicians to take our future seriously.