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Make a last minute election donation

For the past three weeks we've been visiting all corners of Auckland interviewing candidates who are standing for Council this election.

It’s been an interesting process and we’re nearly ready to release the scores of these candidates. This will make it easier for voters to know who is going to be the best representative for better public transport, building more homes and protecting our environment.

The next step, once we’ve finalised the candidates scores, is to get this information out to as many voters as possible. We know that one of the major reasons people don’t vote in local elections is because they don’t think they have enough information - we’re hoping to solve this problem.

But all this hard work of interviewing and marking each candidate will mean little if we can’t get these scores out to the public. I’ve been doing the numbers on the generous donations that we’ve received so far and we’re at about $15,000 to get our election scorecards out to the public.

We’re currently booking advertising spots, including newspaper ads, billstickers and digital advertising.

Every dollar helps to get our message out there - and means we can reach that one more voter and help get them to turn out to vote. So can you chip in now to help us reach as many voters as possible - here’s what each dollar amount will mean in real terms.

All of your donations will go directly to getting the word out. This could be the biggest campaign we have ever run. All of the interview process and design work has been done for free by our incredible team of volunteers, now we need your help to help us make a difference.

Or you can set up a recurring payment via internet banking if you prefer through our Kiwibank account - 38-9014-0113680-00. If you choose this method, please follow these steps:

  1. Make your donation via internet banking using your full name as the reference and
  2. Send a quick email to leroy@generationzero.org.nz to let us know your kind donation is on it’s way. Thank you!

If you would like to donate via cheque please send it addressed to 21 Shaddock St, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1021 made out to Generation Zero Incorporated

Need more information? If you would like to know more about Generation Zero’s funding or activities, feel free to send us an email at leroy@generationzero.org.nz. Once you have made a donation our policy is that no refunds will be given if you change your mind later. Donations to Generation Zero are not tax deductible.