Send Mayor Len Brown a message now to prioritise the Congestion Free Network in the Long Term Plan

Auckland Council is making important decisions about the long term plan this week. The long term plan sets out which projects get funding and which projects don't over the next 10 years.

Mayor Brown is set to make the decision next week on what projects get prioritised. He is under immense pressure to keep rates low due to pressure from some councillors that don't like the idea of building a liveable low carbon city. We need as many people to tell the Mayor that we want:

  • Funding for the City Rail to be the number one priority
  • The transport budget prioritise construction of the city wide rapid transport network including new busways and rail links as seen in the Congestion Free Network 
  • A tripling of the funding to cycling infrastructure to $30 million a year so Auckland Transport can complete the City Cycling Network.
  • Ensure only road projects with large regional benefits can proceed by excluding expensive projects such as Penlink and Mill Road.

For more information you can check:

  • Long Term Plan and Transport,, August 21st, 2014, L Christensen
  • Is Penlink worth it?,, August 22nd, 2014, M Lowrie

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