Stay home and submit on the Northern Pathway and Lake Rd cycleways 🤙🏼

We hope you are doing well, in these strange times and that you and your whānau are staying safe.

For those with more time on their hands, we wanted to give an update and mention a few productive things we can do from the safety of our bubbles to keep pushing for a climate-resilient Tāmaki Makaurau. Being stuck at home need not stop us from having our say! Read more about how you can submit on the Northern Pathway and Lake Rd cycleways.

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Letter From Generation Zero To Ministers

To the Parliament of Aotearoa New Zealand,

Please centre climate justice when making decisions on the COVID-19 recovery. 

Repairing the damage done by COVID-19 to both our economy and society will be a huge task. It is critical that we put climate justice at the centre of our response, as there can be no social justice without climate justice. We would do future generations a disservice if we forgot the need to act on climate change while recovering from COVID-19.

Generation Zero asks that when you are making decisions on the recovery you:

  1. Honour and uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi and The Zero Carbon Act.
  2. Do not override the Resource Management Act and ensure due process.
  3. Lay the foundations of a zero-emissions Aotearoa by prioritising low-carbon transport infrastructure.
  4. Ensure that new government housing provides a healthy environment for our vulnerable citizens.
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Key Opportunity For Win-win Scenario In Government Addressing Coronavirus And Climate Change

Youth-led climate campaigners Generation Zero welcome the government’s efforts, particularly the financial assistance package to aid those affected by COVID-19. New Zealanders, especially those from low socio-economic backgrounds and people with disabilities, are deeply affected by COVID-19. The campaigners recognise that the financial assistance package announced today by the Prime Minister will help ease the burden during times of uncertainty and stress. Alongside this though, investments to address the COVID-19 crisis also present a massive opportunity to make headway on the climate crisis.

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