ORC Bus Fares


So you may have heard that the Otago regional council (ORC) was thinking of raising our bus fares to above 2 dollars earlier this year. Generation Zero Otepoti was not impressed with this and we ran a successful campaign in order to stop the increase in fares. 


However, we think this can go further. With your help, we believe we can get a reduction of fares down to a flat $1 fare. We believe that this would be an extremely productive move for the ORC that will not only benefit us as a community but also keep up with their environmental goals. There are three main aims we hope to achieve with this campaign.

  1. Cheaper fares which mean more people will use buses and public transport.
  2. The development of a better connected and more equitable bus network.
  3. There will be reduced traffic, resulting in safer roads and more pedestrianization.

We believe that a $1 bus fare would enable buses to be more accessible for students, especially if there is the implementation of a Bee Card into the Otago University/Polytechnic Student ID cards.

If you support this campaign it would be amazing if you filled out our submission form. This will be a great way to show the ORC support towards implementing a $1 bus fare.