Otago Regional Council Annual Plan 2020-21

The Otago Regional Council (ORC) completed their Annual Plan proposal in March. They were looking for help and guidance of the public’s priorities, in which regard Otago’s rates and several focus areas.


Generation Zero Dunedin sent in a proposed submission for the ORC, on what we thought of their four current priorities. These include; Freshwater, Climate Change, Urban Development and Biodiversity & Biosecurity.


Our submission included the supporting of proactive and progressive action for freshwater management. Supporting a baby step in assessing the impacts of Climate Change, however, we would like some of our solutions that target the reduction of greenhouse gases be considered. For Urban Development, we supported using rates and parking charges to reduce bus fares, creating low-income households which would allow the home user to pay little or no cost in improving their heating source – which in turn brings down greenhouse emissions. Finally, Generation Zero agreed with balancing and levelling resources for the Otago Region, however, we suggested they also budget more for this fourth priority, as it had the smallest annual spending. We suggested the ORC should encompass and fully acknowledge the economic value of the ecosystems for the benefit of the region.


If you would like to read the Dunedin Team’s full submission feel free to click the link and have a read yourself!


The next point of action for the ORC Annual Plan is the Hearings which are in the week of the 21st May 2020. Generation Zero Dunedin hopes to have a bigger say on their submission.


The team will keep you updated!

Check out the ORC website of the ORC’s plan: https://yoursay.orc.govt.nz/annualplan

And check out our submission here: