Since joining Generation Zero, Pippa has been involved in several projects; including representing the Generation Zero team at BlueGreens, attending several School Climate Strikes and taking on the role of OUSA President for the Generation Zero, Dunedin division. Pippa is an all-round enthusiastic and conscientious person who is passionate about waste management as well as public transport and safety. 

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  • published The Big Ask in Past Campaigns 2020-07-28 15:56:31 +1200

    The Big Ask

    The world is embarking on a shift to a low carbon, clean energy future that offers hope for young and future generations. Other countries are taking genuine and ambitious action. Denmark is leading by example with a bold plan to be fossil fuel independent by 2050.

    Here in New Zealand, our Government has committed to targets for reducing our carbon pollution, but at the time it had no plan for how we will meet them. If this didn't change, official projections show our carbon pollution will continue to grow to shameful and irresponsible new levels. We'll stay hooked on increasingly risky fossil fuels, and we'll miss out on the huge opportunities available to us through building a clean economy.

    The Big Ask was a call to change that, by implementing a new law that holds our Government to its promises and ensure New Zealand has a credible plan for climate action.

    We called for a Climate Change Act to sign carbon emissions targets into law, and establish an independent Climate Commission to provide expert advice on climate policy and hold the Government accountable.

    Find out more:

    Download the full Big Ask report.

    Read a two-page summary of The Big Ask.

    Download the preceding report, A Challenge to Our Leaders: Why New Zealand Needs a Clean Energy Plan.

  • published Past Campaigns in Campaigns 2020-07-28 15:56:08 +1200

    Past Campaigns

    This is where you can find out all the information about previous campaigns that Generation Zero has taken part in and fought for.

    Check out some of the previous campaigns, such as the 'Big Ask' or the 'Zero Carbon Act'.

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you want more information on previous national campaigns.

  • followed 2020 Dunedin City Council Plan 2020-04-09 16:23:55 +1200

    2020 Dunedin City Council Plan

    The DCC’s Annual Plan is a proposed plan which sets up the annual budget for 2020-2021.  The DCC’s Annual Plan seeks to provide a draft budget for the year ahead, it will determine how much money will be allocated to a number of activities and services the DCC provides. These projects include the Peninsula connection, road safety improvements, the 3 waters system and several property upgrades.



    The Dunedin City Council are asking for submissions on their proposed Annual Plan for 2020-21. The DCC’s Annual Plan seeks to provide a draft budget for the year ahead, it will determine how much money will be allocated to a number of activities and services the DCC provides.

    This is an opportunity for you to voice your opinions on what should occur in Dunedin City over the next year. Feedback for the annual plan closes on the 15th of April and Generation Zero encourages you to submit a response and have your say on changes to Dunedin City.

    We have drafted a submission on how we think Dunedin should become a sustainable and resilient community which you can read [here]. We have also created a quick submit form to make it easier for you to have your voice heard! 


    The plans in the Annual plan include:


    1. A proposed rating change - The council is proposing to reduce the amount paid through targeted rates and instead collect more money through general rates. There are two options, dropping targeted rates from $240.50 to $100 in 2020-2021, or community services targeted rates would increase from $240.50 to $247.
    2. The DCC plans on joining the NZ Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA) - LGFA is an organization which lends money to councils and council companies. This would allow the DCC to access more borrowing money options.
    3. Draft Waste Minimisation and Management Plan - the council is setting goals for reducing and managing Dunedin’s waste.
    4. Cheaper Bus Fares - By taking the money from rates or parking charges to help make bus fares cheaper for the whole community. 
    5. Community Housing
    6. Using Rail
    7. Waste Futures
    8. Carbon Zero 2030


    The last four plans are mainly being looked at under the 10-year plan for the Council, however, it is being proposed now as they are looking at amending the 10-year plan.

    This is all stated in the Dunedin Annual Plan which you can check out here:

    The team have also sent in their submission which you check out here: 


    Submissions have now closed. We will keep you updated on any progress!

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    Thank you for considering making a donation to Generation Zero.

    Generation Zero relies entirely on small donations from the public to run our effective campaigns. We receive no government funding. Your generous donation will help build our movement of young New Zealanders working to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities & independence from fossil fuels.

    Your donation will go towards resources for our volunteers and maintaining our operations across the country.

    You can donate now using the secure form on this page.

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    Please be aware that Generation Zero is not a registered charity, and that your donation will not be eligible for a tax rebate.

    Thank you! From young and future generations.


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    Generation Zero has four different regions. Click on one of the regions to check out their most recent campaigns or see if they have an upcoming event. You are more than welcome to join, sign on a petition or help write a submission!