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There is an urgent opportunity to quickly feedback on a new Council-lead proposal in Takapuna on the North Shore- whether to build a sustainable new example of “ urban density done well’ OR (as some angry locals want) retain a wasteland of a car park.

It’s a really simple question and you can answer using our submission form below!

During the Unitary Plan discussions we fought to create a more liveable low carbon city through more medium density apartments near public transport routes. Thanks in part to our efforts Auckland Council’s public development agency, Panuku Development Auckland (the people behind Wynyard Quarter) are now able to come up with fantastic new Urban Design in places like Takapuna! (Heaps of other Auckland areas are getting similar designs soon)Their plan for the shore includes turning what’s at the moment a crappy asphalt car park right next to a major bus interchange into an exciting new mixed use urban regeneration. Think loft apartments, sustainable buildings, and a  new network of laneway shops and connections from public transport through to the beach! It’s exactly the kind of city-making Generation Zero and Auckland has been crying out for.

(You can read the full plan here )


Crucially the proposal will also keep a large amount of public open space- including the much beloved Potters Park and some new urban public spaces that will enable the Takapuna Saturday Markets (who currently use the car park on Saturdays) to reshape and continue in a layout that is more sheltered and connected to the Main Street of Hurstmere ave.

However, due to some angry out-of-date NIMBYs- locals are being told to be afraid of ‘high rise’ towers and to stop the reuse of the car park site as if it will somehow destroy the markets (it won't!). This is plain and simple fear mongering by a silly group of people who are trying to stop the Council from delivering exactly the kind of change we need- sustainable housing and more public spaces for everyone to enjoy.



There is however one element of the proposal that we strongly disagree with. The suggestion that the development needs to provide even more parking within the new buildings that are created.

Takapuna currently has over 2500 publicly accessible carparks of which 250 are on the Anzac Street car park but unfortunately the proposal is suggesting that up to 500 should be delivered.

We think this is crazy, and not in keeping with the kind of urban place the development will be. Providing too much parking just encourages people to drive more often. Doubling the current amount of parking is an outdated approach to transport planning.

We think Panuku should have NO PARKING in this new development and instead encourage fewer cars on the road by promoting public transport on the North Shore, such as ferries, buses and a future rail connection to Takapuna.

The way a new generation of Aucklanders visit places like Takapuna is changing - we are walking and cycling for short trips more often and increasingly using public transport and rideshare options which don't need any carparks at all!

Takapuna’s new development should reflect our changing city.

Overall though we think the plan for Takapuna is awesome but really need your help, support and feedback!

Our quick submit form lets you say how much you support the plan overall- as well as some space for some specific feedback about how they don't need more parking and how the sustainability of this building is a top priority.


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  • Diana Meiklejohn
    commented 2017-11-16 09:52:15 +1300
    I agree with Ruth Jackson – with the pressure on land for housing, Auckland’s need to protect every piece of public land.
  • Gavin Sheehan
    commented 2017-11-15 20:06:29 +1300
    Brilliant response Ruth Jackson. Well said, keep up the good fight and very best wishes for a successful outcome.
  • Adrian Hart
    commented 2017-11-15 10:30:52 +1300
    Yes, the car park is in the centre of Takapuna, and who wants a town built around a car park, like some sacred space? Takapuna needs its own ‘Central Park,’ such as you find in most popular towns and cities around the world.
  • Josh
    commented 2017-09-07 11:35:54 +1200
    Totally agree. Let’s do away with parking and continue the great momentum cycling and public transport already has in Auckland.
  • Camryn Brown
    commented 2017-09-05 15:37:16 +1200
    Agree with this. Make good use of the space from street level up. Car parks are not compatible with that.
  • Margaret Hart
    commented 2017-09-05 14:43:43 +1200
    Looks a great idea, makes it a much more user friendly and attractive area, can’t wait for it to happen. Our local board members should not be letting their bias affect this and should back off.
  • Jeremy White
    commented 2017-09-05 12:44:12 +1200
    Looks like a great idea. Urban density in the city core with a good balance of open green space is what is needed to transform Takapuna from a parking lot to a real urban center (where I would like to spend time and money with the local merchants.)
  • Brian Cumber
    commented 2017-09-05 09:36:30 +1200
    Looks like a good idea.
  • Diana Meiklejohn
    commented 2017-09-05 08:43:56 +1200
    Why is it not possible to view all comments?
  • Clare Nikkel
    commented 2017-09-05 08:19:52 +1200
    I only wrote to tell everyone that these comments are being censored by a moderator of this page, I do not speculate as to who that is. It seems that anyone suggesting that instead of fighting to remove car parks from high rise buildings intended to be developed in public space, a lot of generation zero supporters would rather the public space be retained by council for later development into either a park or a public transport hub. Unfortunately, instead of listening to these views (or even allowing them to remain in the public forum) a representative for generation zero is simply deleting the other side of the argument. Sad and short sighted.
  • Natalia Vila
    commented 2017-09-05 07:36:47 +1200
    This looks more like a developers persuasion strategy rather than a thoughtful article. I work across the road from that car park in Takapuna and there is no way more buildings there can improve the quality of living… Indeed sounds more like a joke. There are already too many people in the area for its capacity.
  • Richard Hursthouse
    commented 2017-09-05 07:27:28 +1200
    Great Josiah. Most people looking at this blog would also support intensification of Takapuna. The issue is not about intensification. In my mind it is about losing a public asset – the open space in the centre of the town. There is plenty of private land zoned for higher density in this area. This carpark could be a fabulous park with trees, fountains, cafe’s, kids playground, kids cycle tracks, outdoor exercise equipment, community gardens, open space for concerts, markets etc. Think 20, 40, 100 years from now. Nobody will thank you for selling off this open space.
  • Josiah Charteris
    commented 2017-09-05 07:07:19 +1200
    Yes, I totally agree on intensification in Takapuna. Seems like a storm in a tea cup to me.
  • Gavin Sheehan
    commented 2017-09-05 06:16:18 +1200
    Deleting comments of those who share a different view is a really bad look, Generation Zero. This sort of reaction will not garner you any support in the future, at all. You opened this page up for debate, why are you not letting the debate run its course?
  • David Casey
    commented 2017-09-04 23:42:30 +1200
    Claire Nikkel I’m not affiliated with Generation Zero. I’m a resident of Devonport, work in Smales Farm.
  • Katherine Boys
    commented 2017-09-04 21:10:21 +1200
    Create a very regular bus loop around South-Eastern North Shore (Northcote, Milford, Devonport for people to park and ride to Takapuna. Make Hurstmere a permanent one way street and block it to traffic for the Sunday market which we mustn’t lose. We do need more boutique shops and facilities in Takapuna – perhaps more development means rents can be hopefully lower for retailers…
  • Clare Nikkel
    commented 2017-09-04 21:03:06 +1200
    Did our comments just get deleted? Come on Generation Zero, we provided genuine, respectful comments and criticism which opened a dialogue for people to discuss their dreams for this space, the environment and how we live in it and you have chosen to only display the comments in favour of intensification. You say “Generation Zero exists to provide advocacy for no-brainer decisions” but I see you are treating your members as if they have “no brains” at all. Put together an article without the patronising language and ridiculous imagery. Respect the feedback and don’t delete it.
  • David Casey
    commented 2017-09-04 17:23:28 +1200
    This is the dead-centre of North Shore’s southern transport hub, not greenfields development. There is no more obvious location for intensification in the entire region. That has been settled. The plan is in place, the buildings are going up. This conversation is about the best way to intensify – to create a highly liveable area for people who want to live and work without the time and $$ cost of having to take car trips in order to function day to day. That means more shops, more office space and fewer carparks

    Generation Zero exists to provide advocacy for no-brainer decisions like these, and we support them – by acknowledging the reality that progress requires compromise every step of the way.
  • russell familton
    commented 2017-09-04 15:40:37 +1200
    Auckland city covers a huge area. Intensification is underway. Modern apartments for many people is much better than the many grotty, shabby, gardenless, viewless, sunless, concrete covered properties that many people live in at the moment. I have been in many apartments and houses in Auckland suburbs (and other places too) and the single homes on a section are often in a very very sad state.
  • David Casey
    commented 2017-09-04 09:01:58 +1200
    We’re all wrong, to different extents. So we have to place ourselves in physical reality, and see who is more wrong. That physical reality is in this case a large area of ashphalt,where cars park. We’re talking about whether the redevelopment should prioritise retention of the carparking aspects. So Richard H is uniquely wrong to say “it is not about a carpark”. Also regarding the need for more treescapes. Stepping off a bus in Takapuna a person can: To the west, take the mangrove boardwalk to Barry’s Point Rd. On the North, 150 walk to the pumphouse (a huge area of public treescape), or the walk north through the Tree-lined reserve, stone steps (always empty) around the tree-lined shore to Milford and as far north as you like. Or, walk south along Takapuna beach, the gardens of Wilson home, Takapuna grammar, through Fort Takapuna, around North Head, over Mt Victoria. You’ll be walking back ofcourse – the next bus is 40mins away…