Tertiary Precinct Campaign

In 2019, the team at Generation Zero Dunedin started a consultation on the tertiary precinct upgrade that the DCC had proposed.  The main aim of the project is to improve the area’s ‘vibrancy and atmosphere’ as well as keeping the area’s history and character alive. Generation Zero Dunedin provided feedback to the DCC as well as did most of the community in Dunedin. The team at Generation Zero highlighted 3 major principles they wanted to focus on: 


(i) A thoughtful, valued space and place for people to visit, as that is what Dunedin’s all about,

(ii) A reflection on the contemporary best practices that account for the short-term and long-term needs of a growing city, and

(iii) Encouraging the change and flexibility of how people move around the city and the tertiary precinct area. 


The team also included the improvement of the street design - did students want more green spaces, water fountains or an increase in road safety? 


In 2018, the DCC proposed this as part of their 10-year plan, they want to emphasize the improvement of the streetscape and pedestrian/cycling environment, making the tertiary area easier to access. As well as, lifting the look for the students, staff and the wider community. 



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