University of Auckland Division

Generation Zero also has a group at the University of Auckland. The main purposes of the UoA group are to engage with and inspire students to build university support for nationwide policy change and to expand our university’s existing environmental sustainability goals.

They also aim to facilitate educational and awareness projects about climate change and the importance of making your voice heard. Working with the staff and faculties, they have lobbied for greater incorporation of sustainability into the UoA strategic Plan and helped review the university's Sustainability Policy.

Speaker events and workshops are also regularly organised to promote collaboration between students, clubs and staff. Events such as submission parties and banner painting sessions for the climate strikes have also helped increase engagement and accessibility to discussions around climate change, policy and actionable change.

The UoA team also supports the wider Auckland team in their campaigns, focussing on greater student awareness and engagement.

You can contact the UoA team via: 

Email : genzerou[email protected]

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