Write to your Wellington Council Councillor

Ask them to act urgently on climate change during the COVID-19 recovery!


It’s best to keep your email pretty short and to the point (less than 600 words). Here are some ideas of things you could say: 


  • Urge them to support amendments to the draft Annual Plan to ensure it has an immediate, strong focus on climate-friendly recovery 
  • Remind them that Wellingtonians overwhelmingly support a zero-carbon future
  • Remind them that today’s young people will live with the long-term consequences and debt of this recovery
  • Ask them a question (they have to answer and it makes them think!)

          Nelson is widening footpaths to help with social distancing, why hasn't Wellington? 

  Auckland is about to complete 17km of pop-up bike lanes to keep people safe, where are our bike lanes? 

  • Tell them a personal story about how much you like the city when its free of traffic and the streets are safe 
  • Remind them what they promised when they ran for council and why you voted for them 


Find contact details for your councillor here on the council website 


We need brave and ambitious action from our council. Our councillors have the privilege of deciding how our streets, homes, and society will look and feel as we recover from COVID-19.

This week is the time to push for our new normal!