Join the movement of 30700 young kiwis working to cut carbon pollution.

Climate change is the challenge of our generation, and young people are the inheritors of humanity’s response to climate change.

For that reason – Generation Zero, a youth-led organisation, was founded with the central purpose of providing solutions for New Zealand to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities & independence from fossil fuels.

We are witnessing a global shift away from polluting fossil fuels, and as New Zealanders, we are fortunate enough to possess an abundance of opportunities to make this transition.

We can power our homes, our industries and our economy with clean safe energy. We can build more liveable cities with greater housing and transport choices to attract the best and brightest to New Zealand. We can move beyond fossil fuels and create a safer and healthier nation by doing so.

These solutions will not come from one minority, one political party, or one ideology. These solutions come from real New Zealanders, from all backgrounds joining together under a central vision.

It is time for New Zealand to step up.

Latest News

  Auckland Director Leroy Beckett:  “Auckland finally has a plan for housing that will meet demand. The Unitary Plan isn't designed to give anyone everything they want, it's the result of years of public submissions and expert testimony The time for political grandstanding is over, the council need to get on with it and pass the plan.  

  Generation Zero congratulates Council on City Rail Link construction Transport lobby group Generation Zero congratulates the Auckland Council on beginning the  construction of the City Rail Link. ‘This long planned project is finally underway thanks to the tireless effort of Auckland Transport, Transport Advocates,  and Auckland Council who have fought for the CRL for years.” Says Auckland Director Leroy Beckett.

Youth climate change organisation Generation Zero is pleased the Government is at last removing the two-for-one pollution subsidy in the Emissions Trading Scheme, but says the slow phase-out and the indefinite extension of the $25 per tonne price cap is “a big let down”.

The 2016 Budget has been met with a muted response by youth lobby group Generation Zero, labeling the budget the “Band-Aid Budget” “The housing policies announced in the Budget are band-aids more designed to ease criticism of the government than to solve the housing crisis. We need leadership from central government on housing, today they showed us very little” Says Leroy Beckett, the groups Auckland Director.

Generation Zero are ‘outraged’ to see that a road-only connection is being progressed for the new Auckland Waitemata Harbour crossing, in new documents released by Transport Blog today, rather than a crossing that has both a road and rail connection.

Latest Campaigns

Sign this petition to Auckland Council to pass The Unitary Plan

This plan is the rulebook for Auckland Housing, it will decide what sort of houses we can build where in our city. The crucial thing it does is plan for enough homes for everyone who is going to live in Auckland over the next 30 years

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Support the campaign for a Zero Carbon Act

We need a new law to put New Zealand on track to zero carbon by 2050: a Zero Carbon Act. We’re not going to wait around for our politicians to do the right thing any longer; we’re going to draft a bill ourselves with help from experts and collaborators, and work to get all political parties to support it and pass it through Parliament.

Chip in to fund a people-powered poll to show the support for North Shore Rail

The Minister is gambling he can progress with planning a road only crossing before the case can be made for a rail crossing. We're going to start the debate over a rail crossing by putting public opinion front in centre.