What does a climate safe future feel like to you?

The future is in our hands, and this is what it could be! Over the summer we asked artists across Te Whanganui-a-Tara to imagine what a climate safe future could look like through art. What you see before you is a collection of this work and the messages these artists are trying to convey. 

We believe that hope is an action that we have to practise, and imagination is a powerful tool when we are so often faced with apocalyptic messages. We wanted to collectively vision what a climate safe future looks, feels, and sounds like - and we’re not done yet! 

We welcome you to spend some time in this space and share in the hopeful visions and amazing artwork. We hope this work inspires you to share your own climate hopes for the future throughout your community, as it has done for us! Most of all, remember that together we can make the future we want to live in!