Climate Change Commission 2021 Report

The closing date for submissions was 28th March 2021. Read our submission here.

With the Climate Change Commission’s advice comes a real opportunity to move forward. This is our chance.

With your help, this will be a roadmap for a better Aotearoa for everyone. Together, we can create an equitable and Zero Carbon Future. Climate change affects individuals and communities to different extents and exacerbates existing inequities. We have an opportunity for climate action in Aotearoa to address intersecting issues including poverty and housing, and so much more. In other words, this can be a step towards climate justice, by centering intersectional social issues in the act of mitigating and adapting to the climate crisis. Now is our chance to create the kind of future we wish to have ourselves and pass on to our mokopuna.

The situation is urgent so any real action we can take makes a big difference. As the inaction continues, our generation is becoming more and more scared. We must realise the situation for what it is: a climate crisis, and act now. This starts with setting ambitious targets and taking meaningful action. It starts with comprehensive and meaningful engagement with Tangata Whenua, disabled people and our communities, younger generations and all structurally oppressed groups. We must go further for the sake of our future. This is our chance and we must seize it.