The commission's new emissions budget signals that a resilient, zero carbon future is easily achievable

Young people throughout Aotearoa have made it clear that urgent action is needed towards an equitable, resilient and zero carbon future, with the latest findings from the Climate Change Commission echoing these concerns. Aotearoa will miss its emissions reduction targets if it doesn't engage in strong and decisive action now.

“We conceptualised the Zero Carbon Act to establish a Climate Change Commission to provide independent, expert analysis of what is needed to get us to a zero carbon future. Now we must follow a path to action as outlined by the commission” says Generation Zero spokesperson Grace Cowley.

The report signals that a just, zero carbon future is possible but only if we urgently adopt the budget’s recommendations.

“This is an important moment where not only do we have young people on the ground demanding change, we now have the Government's own commission clearly outlining how achievable we get there” says Generation Zero spokesperson Grace Cowley.

This budget is the blueprint for Aotearoa as a climate resilient country which champions equity and forward thinking. This is the next step in our journey of a long line of historic parliament decisions that have changed the course of history for Aotearoa. Like women’s suffrage or eliminating COVID-19, the climate strategy outlined in this budget represents a bold step towards a better, more just future.

The achievability of a thriving and climate resilient Aotearoa is made strikingly clear in this emissions budget, which outlines the readily available solutions and key actions for the next three years. The Commission explains that different sectors and groups will also be disproportionately affected by the transition to reducing emissions, and echoes Generation Zero’s concerns around a just transition, and that these sectors and groups be prioritised from the outset.

Key policy recommendations in the areas of transport, agriculture, forestry and energy also align with what Generation Zero has been calling for in order to reach a just transition. The decarbonising transport campaign reflects similar demands to increasingly focus more on cycling, walking and public transport and make it easier for people.

We will be making our own submission on the budget and will be creating a guide for others to do so. Regardless of the government’s response Generation Zero will continue to amplify the concerns of young people who deserve decisive action towards a zero-carbon future.

“Acting with kindness means taking leadership to do what is right for future generations. Young people know what we have to do and it’s time our government stepped up” says Generation Zero spokesperson Bruce Kidd.