I want to create a sculpture, can I send in multiple pictures to show the different angles of my art? 

Of course! Feel free to share multiple photos or videos to show off your work to the Judges. If your piece ends up winning we can discuss how you want your work exhibited on billstickers. 

Will my name and work be credited if you share my art? 

100% yes. We want the credit to go to you, and we will make sure your name and your body work is accessible to those who see it. If you end up winning this competition, we will be in touch to make sure you are happy and are in control of how we exhibit your work. 

Can I enter more than one piece of artwork into the competition? 

You can submit up to two different pieces of artwork for the competition. You will only be able to win a prize for one of the submissions. 

What resolution photo will you need for the submission? 

We encourage you to take the best resolution photo possible of your work, but don’t let this hold you back. As long as the photo shows your work in good lighting, the judges will be able to consider it. 

How old do I have to be

We encourage submissions from people of all ages. Your work will be judged within three different age categories:

  • Age 10 and under 
  • Age 10 - 17 
  • Adult (Age 18 and above)

Can I submit with my friends or other people? 

Feel free to create art with your friends, we know some of the best things come when we create together. Make sure you are collaborating with those in your age category (no parent help!). If you win you will have to share your prizes amongst you.