Francesca Rae

Ponga Trees: The first is both a painting and poem. I found such beauty looking at the Ponga trees that grow in our bush and wish there was more respect for them worldwide. I think a world where climate change no longer exists is also a world that protects our natural bush. They are so powerful and beautiful that it makes me mad that we are currently destroying their ecosystem.

Mixing Cities and Nature: My second piece is a collage. The prompt "What if we just made art, not the climate crisis?" took me a little while to figure out. I think a world that is climate just is a mixture of our modern lifestyle and the natural world. 

I had a photo that I had found in an op shop a little while back, which I decided to cut up and integrate into my own painting of a tree. This art piece shows the mixing of cities and nature, as represented by the photo and tree. To me, this is the only way the climate crisis can be fixed.

Age 17.