Green Coastlines: A green space, where solar sailboats connect communities and Whānau by bringing in local products, where sustainable urban development with clean energy infrastructure make up our cities. A place to live, where knowledge, experience and past skills are shared between older and younger generations. A landscape where biodiversity, forests, plants, soils, oceans, animals and insects are protected, where the air is fresh and clean, where birds thrive.

About the artist:

I'm a French-New Zealander, senior project manager, working with 3D artists and pipeline developers. Expressing myself through art is a hobby. Since 2015 I have been using recycled skateboards as a new form of canvas. It makes sense for me to use boards as a medium. I love working with wood and giving these boards a second life. Each board is unique in terms of wood type and hand painted. As recycled objects, it is when I clean them that I discover their "true" colour(s).

Instagram: @GreenCoastlines