Parliament Inquiry into Inter-Regional Passenger rail

Parliament is conducting an inquiry into the future of inter-regional passenger rail in New Zealand! Official submissions are now closed, but you can still email your MP to tell them we need immediate action for a climate-safe future.

We encourage you to email them to support establishing and restoring affordable inter-regional passenger rail services that will be a viable alternative to driving and flying domestically. Here are some things you could put down in your email:

  • I support funding the creation of new inter-regional rail services and increasing the service of current inter-regional rail services (Te Huia, Capital Connection) frequency to provide affordable transport to underserved communities
  • I support an investment in the rail infrastructure that is able to service freight and passenger rail needs without conflicting with the others (like double tracking and full electrification of the network)
  • I believe the central government needs to play a stronger role in inter-regional rail development to ensure we move forward
  • Stations on the inter-regional rail lines should have strong connections with existing local public transport links
  • Passenger rail can help reduce carbon emissions, especially if long distance electric-powered train options are provided
  • I believe that these services serve the public good, must not be profit focused and the ticket prices must make it an affordable alternative to driving and flying
  • I support overnight sleeper train service between Auckland and Wellington
  • I support the reintroduction of the 'Southerner' service between Christchurch and Dunedin/Invercargill
  • I support the creation of regional commuter rail services in Christchurch and Dunedin that service neighbouring communities around these cities
  • I support the creation of a passenger rail service between Auckland and Tauranga

We recommend you let Parliament know that if you had inter-regional passenger rail servicing your local community, if you would take it and/or why it is important for you and your local community.


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