Send the temp cycle lanes some love ❤️

This pandemic has seen an overwhelming number of cyclists and pedestrians on our streets and in our parks. It is reported that Auckland Council and Auckland Transport have seen an increase of 91% on their cycling counters. 

Auckland is one of the few areas in Aotearoa New Zealand that has taken decisive action and installed temporary cycle lanes and walkways during the lockdown. They are following the actions of cities around the world like Oakland, Paris, and Bogotá.

Read more to voice your feedback and show your support!

This is a crucial step towards setting up permanent, safer and well-designed paths

However, there has been opposition to these improvements and AT is under pressure to remove them. We need to show our support and provide AT with a mandate to retain the temporary lanes and formulate plans to convert them into cycle lanes and paths that are safe and accessible for everyone. 

To show your support, click here and follow the steps below:

  1. For the feedback field, select “Roads and Footpaths”
  2. Mention which temporary lanes you've been using
  3. Tell them why you've enjoyed it (greater safety, access to a new area, reprioritized over cars, slower car speeds etc.)

Got friends, whānau, or flatmates who have also been enjoying the lanes? Pass the link onto them too! 

Show your support for AT now - let's send the lanes some love! 

Temporary lanes around Auckland include: 

  • Queen Street 
  • Quay Street 
  • Customs St/Queen St intersection
  • Ponsonby Road
  • Oteha Valley Road 
  • Lonely Track Road
  • Māngere town centre
  • Ōtara town centre
  • Manukau town centre

Get out (safely) and make the most of them!

Kia kaha from Nola and the Generation Zero Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland team