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We’re a youth-led climate action organisation

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What we’re doing in regions across Aotearoa

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Mission Statement

Generation Zero is a youth-led climate action organisation. We mobilise New Zealanders to engage with decision-making and campaign for intergenerational climate justice.

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Rangatiratanga: Collaboration - Te Tiriti

  • As we work on a zero carbon future, we will collaborate with tangata whenua to ensure Aotearoa’s success. This means committing to honouring and upholding Te Tiriti and amplifying the perspectives of tangata whenua.


Climate Justice: Compassion - Just transition - Manaakitanga - Honesty - Respect - Empathy - Intersectionality

  • As we go on this journey to create a just society, honesty, respect and empathy are with us every step of the way. This will ensure we have a dignified and just transition from fossil fuels. Centering and amplifying the voices of those impacted by transitions from fossil fuels and prioritising what they will need.


Friendship First: Active relationships - Wellbeing
  • Volunteering and advocacy are more than just a job. We are building a community of strong reciprocal, active relationships that can hold us together as we face the future. Within Generation Zero and with our allies we aim to create a safe space where our relationships and wellbeing is prioritised.

Non Partisan: Solutions-focussed - Evidence-Based - Accountable - Knowledgeable

  • Our Partners
    • We couldn’t achieve the same level of impact without the incredible support we receive from our sponsors and partner organisations. We are deeply grateful. We would like to thank these fantastic organisations for supporting and collaborating with us.
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