Share your hopes with whānau and friends

We can generate hope, as hope is an action.

It can feel daunting to start conversations with others, where we share things that are personal to us, or that we are worried about in this election. Here are some things that may help.

Sharing your own lived experiences is a great way to set a tone of vulnerability and shared humanity. For example, many of us as at Generation Zero are having discussions with our friends and whanau about how our lived experiences of queerness, disability and renting in the face of a climate crisis affects our ability to thrive. 

Talk to those around you about what is important to them in this election. Remember to be curious, and connect to our shared humanity. Try connecting what they care about to what you care about.

Talk to your friends about if they are voting in this election, and why voting is important to you. Have a think about three people in your life who may not be voting and who you can message over the next few weeks to talk about the importance of voting to you. 

You can commit to messaging these three mates with Action Station, who will send you helpful reminders to message those mates! If we all got three people to vote, imagine what we could accomplish. 

Triple the Vote


Climate Hope Kōrero: Bella and her Nana

In this series of kōrero we invited Bella and her Nana to ask each other questions about their climate hopes and what they learn from each other. Bella is a climate activist who has campaigned for a world where our people and planet can thrive in both Australia and Aotearoa. Her Nana was inspired by Bella and joined the Illawarra Knitting Nannas Against Greed in Wollongong in so called Australia. In this first part of their discussion, they explore balancing grief and joy for the climate through connecting to the natural world around them.