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Ōtautahi and the surrounding regions following the post-earthquake rebuild has become one of the fastest growing areas in Aotearoa. As a city with ideal characteristics for rapid growth, Generation Zero Ōtautahi Christchurch has been hard at work empowering people to make their voices heard and ensure we shape our city into a smart, liveable city that supports everyone.

We are actively campaigning for more public and active transport infrastructure, greater public transport accessibility, higher density and more green spaces to create a liveable city. We aim to make sure that a wider range of people can have a say on the long term planning of our city. We make information from technical, often boring, documents like the City and Regional Councils’ policies and plans more accessible to the wider public. We also take a stand on social and climate related issues that affect the Greater Christchurch and Canterbury community.

Recently we have held debates for mayoral candidates and local members of parliament, held campaigns for long term, annual, transport and district plans for CCC and ECan, and successfully prevented the Riccarton Bus Lounge, a vital public transport infrastructure on one of the busiest bus stops in city, from shutting down. We have also held various council submission and civics education workshops, movie nights and seminars.

For 2022, we are empowering young people to make their voices heard in the local body elections. We are working together with various community groups to ensure the upcoming leaders of our region listen to the issues that affect the youth and the wider community and commit to solutions that will solve them. We successfully pushed for cheaper flat-fare travel on public transport in Greater Christchurch.

As a bustling city, it is important that we all work together towards our distinct but still highly intertwined goals to decarbonise Ōtautahi. Building relationships is vital in ensuring coherent messaging and building strong support behind movements. We build relationships with our communities and allies through working together, trainings, and fun social gatherings. Fundings are needed to purchase digital tools, book venues, buy kai (very important to get people coming!), hire trainers, and many more for all of these to happen. If you'd like to support us, please consider signing up to be a regular donor! All funds donated via this page will be used to help decarbonise Ōtautahi.

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