For the past few years, Christchurch has been a city in transition. The rebuild has given Christchurch chances to remake itself for a carbon-neutral future and Generation Zero Christchurch has been hard at work to make that happen.


We’ve been involved with gathering support for many local projects, including:

  • The Riccarton Road bus lounges - a campaign that saw a group of us running up and down Riccarton road in 80s exercise gear with a boombox.
  • Victoria Street revamp
  • Improved cycleways and pedestrian zones all over town e.g. St Asaph Street, Waimairi Road
  • Increased number of bus lanes, e.g. Riccarton Road


We also aim to make sure that a wider range of people can have a say on the long term planning of our city. We try to make information from technical, often boring, documents like the City and Regional Councils’ Annual Plans more accessible to the wider public and create how-to guides on how to make submissions to the councils with the climate in mind.


2019 saw us host a Mayoral Climate Debate between the top 3 candidates for Christchurch Mayor, in collaboration with School Strike 4 Climate. We also ranked council candidates in terms of their climate change policies and released this online to help people decide on who to vote for. We also host movie nights, Beers and Banter sessions with climate change experts, and work with the national GZ team.


Since 2014 we’ve been involved in the biyearly FESTA Festival of Transitional Architecture - facilitating conversations about what a climate-smart city would look like, and how to get there. 

In 2018 we contributed the “Ballalooza” game - designed as a fun and accessible way to start conversations about how important leadership and structural changes are in tackling climate change. 


Our focus for 2020 is the central government elections! Obviously this space is still in flux, but we will be making sure people have the knowledge and encouragement they need to cast their vote with the climate in mind.

If you want to keep up to date with our campaigns make sure to join our Facebook group. To take it a step further and get involved with the team, email us at

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