For the past few years, Christchurch has been a city in transition. The rebuild has given Christchurch chances to remake itself for a carbon-neutral future and Generation Zero Christchurch has been hard at work to make that happen.

We’ve been involved with many initiatives, projects and campaigns such as influencing local government policies, supporting allied groups, civics education, and pushing for public and active transport infrastructure such as the Riccarton Bus Lounge and seperated cyclelanes.

We aim to make sure that a wider range of people can have a say on the long term planning of our city. We make information from technical, often boring, documents like the City and Regional Councils’ policies and plans more accessible to the wider public. We also take a stand on climate related issues that affect the Greater Christchurch and Canterbury community. 

2019 saw us host a Mayoral Climate Debate between the top 3 candidates for Christchurch Mayor, in collaboration with School Strike 4 Climate. As part of the 2019 local election we also ranked council candidates in terms of their climate change policies and released this online to help people decide on who to vote for.

In 2020 we hosted the Climate Vision Election Debate for central city MPs as part of Generation Zero's Vote Climate Justice campaign for the general elections.

In 2021 we empowered residents to submit on the Christchurch City Council Draft Long Term Plan and let their voices be heard that the council should focus on our future. We successfully prevented the Riccarton Bus Lounge, a vital public transport infrastructure on one of the busiest bus stops in city, from shutting down.

For 2022, we are planning to empower young people to make their voices heard in the local body elections, on issues that affect them, as well as on proposals such as free fares on public transport. Follow our campaign on 


If you want to keep up to date with our campaigns make sure to join our Facebook group. To take it a step further and get involved with the team, join here or email us at [email protected]